Toilet Repair

Toilet Repair

Leave toilet repair to the professionals—Ranger Plumbing Company, your Sugar Land plumbing company. If you are having trouble with your toilet, don’t worry about the inconvenience, work, and mess. Call us today, and we will have a plumbing specialist on-site at your home right away to take care of the problem and fix your toilet. We have years of experience in solving any toilet repair problem imaginable. Believe us, we have seen it all. So don’t worry about your toilet problem. Let us take care of the situation and fix your toilet fast, effectively and economically. You will be glad you’ve called Ranger Plumbing, Sugar Land, Texas.

Top Causes of Malfunctioning Toilets

Do you have a toilet that keeps running and wasting water? Does your toilet run intermittently and then stop? Is your toilet clogged up or not running at all? Members of our highly experienced plumbing team of Ranger Plumbing, Sugar Land, could write a long book on the toilet repair problems they have solved.

Here are some of the top reasons why toilets malfunction:

  • Poorly operating tank float. When the float does not work like it should, the fill valve to which it controls keeps filling the tank with water.
  • Rusted pipes. With age, corrosion can wreak havoc on pipes, hardware and fixtures connected to a toilet. Our plumbers will inspect the area for rust and damage, and make an evaluation to see if pipes and the toilet need to be replaced.
  • Deteriorating gasket. A simple gasket prevents water from leaking from the tank to the bowl. Replacing the gasket will often solve the problem just like that.
  • Damaged bowl or tank. A cracked toilet is a recipe for disaster. To prevent flooding resulting in water damage, it is best to replace the toilet with a more modern model.
  • Worn out hardware. Solid bolts and washers that connect the toilet to the floor are essential to prevent leaking water. Our plumbers can replace hardware to secure an existing toilet to the floor.
  • Bad water line. If the feed line or tube supplying water to the toilet is damaged, loose or worn out, it risks the operation of the toilet. Our plumbers can replace this bad line to bring your toilet back into smooth-running operation.

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When You Need Help with Repairing a Broken Toilet: Call Us

We know what it is like to need an urgent toilet repair. Contact the best Sugar Land Plumbing Company around—Ranger Plumbing.
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