Faucet Repair

Faucet Repair

Any plumbing repair involving connections to the pressured water line, including faucet repair, can be tricky for the uninitiated. At first glance, a faucet may appear to be a simple device to turn water on or off, but just like anything else in plumbing, a faucet repair must be done exactly right or risk leaking, and water damage. If you have a problem faucet, call the professionals at faucet repair—Ranger Plumbing, your Sugar Land plumbing company.

The Most-Common Faucet Repair Problems

There are a number of problems facing faucets, especially those that are older, worn out or have faced years of overuse.

  • Leaks. Certainly, this is the most common problem facing household faucets. Parts wear down, allowing water to either leak into the components of a faucet, at the base or drip right down the faucet itself, wasting precious resource of water. Inspection and replacement of o-rings and other internal parts are likely in order.
  • Bad installation. Faucets are commonly installed improperly, especially in novice, do-it-yourself projects.
  • Low water pressure. The inside of the faucet may become clogged up by dirt, residue and mineral deposits, commonly calcium.
  • Corrosion. After time, water will begin to rust plumbing components, including faucets. It may be possible to clean, polish and maintain an existing faucet that has sustained corrosion, but you may be faced with replacing the faucet, which affords you the opportunity to upgrade the faucet to a modern, more water-efficient model.

Finding Solutions for Faucet Repair Problems

A faucet in a kitchen, bathroom or in a utility sink may last 10 years or more, but it is a smart move to inspect your plumbing fixtures on a regular basis for any signs of malfunctions or leaks.

Red flags to look for in faucets:

  • Corroded aerator part on end of faucet.
  • Worn finish or broken parts of faucet.
  • O-rings, screws, components and assemblies that are worn and beginning to fail.

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